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Back seat kick mat

Back seat kick mat

Prince Lionheart

  • £700
  • Save £5.99

Fed up with little ones kicking the car seat and worrying about the damage they might be doing to the upholstery? Well, the Prince Lionheart Backseat Kick Mat won't stop them kicking but at least it will keep the back of your seat unharmed.

You can simply attach the seat mat to the back of your seat with an adjustable strap and clip, and the wipe-clean mat will protect your seat from active little feet. The mat comes with 2 carabiners to attach your little one's favourite toys to, it's a great distraction! So until your child can master car etiquette, there's always the backseat kick mat to keep your upholstery clean from scuffs, dirt and muddy shoes!

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