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Nursing/Feeding Pillow


  • £1600

This nursing pillow is one of the most useful and versatile accessories for an expectant mother to own. During pregnancy, it can be used as a pillow for back support, an optional between-the-knees support cushion or as a wedge to rest under the tummy whilst sleeping on the side.

Once the child is born, whilst breastfeeding the pillow is designed to hug a mother's body and provide a raised platform to support baby as they feed in comfort. When approx 3 months old, a baby can rest within the arms of the pillow to aid the digestion process and when learning to sit up themselves, the pillow can be positioned around baby to cushion them for chance they topple backwards.

Multipurpose / Versatile

Zip off removable cover

Back support for Mum

Tummy wedge for sleeping

Nursing pillow

Support pillow for breast feeding

Nestles baby comfortably whilst resting

Tumble protection as a child learns to sit up.

Machine washable cover

Cover: polycotton

Lining: 100% polyester

Filling: 100% CMHR 25 density crumbed loose foam fill

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