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Grobag Egg

Grobag Egg


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What’s the big idea?
There’s so much to think about with a new baby, and keeping an eye on room temperature is an important part of safe sleep. The Gro-egg uses colour as a great way to show the room temperature, and reminds you at a glance to adapt the baby’s bedding, change their clothing or adjust the room temperature.

Not only that, the Gro-egg is probably the best looking thermometer ever hatched!

Key features
•  Easy to use room thermometer that changes colour
•  Digital, permanently back-lit LCD screen
•  Provides a soft nightlight glow
•  Safe sleep guide enclosed
•  Please note that the Gro-egg is designed to glow in darker conditions.  In light rooms, please use the digital display.

“Babies who get too hot are at an increased risk of cot death… getting a room thermometer will help you create a safer sleeping environment for your baby.” Joyce

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