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Izmi Breeze Carrier Mid Grey

Cheeky Rascals

  • £6000
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Both parents and babies alike can finally enjoy the support and comfort of a buckled carrier with the soft intimacy of a fabric sling by using the Izmi Breeze Baby Carrier. This superb carrier is made from a sumptuous cotton with an extra-breathable mesh panel to increase ventilation, kind to baby's sensitive skin but also flexible and lightweight.

  • Multiple carrying positions to give you choice
  • Lightweight mesh design keeps you both cool
  • Encourage a close bond between you and baby

Designed by experts and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, this revolutionary carrier combines the best of slings and carriers into a unique product, perfect for keeping your little one safe, comfortable and close to you throughout your day together. The Izmi carrier has been designed to resolve issues that parents have reported with standard carriers or slings and it does so with flying colours.

The fabric used is fully washable, lightweight and quick drying for your convenience. You can choose from multiple carrying positions to suit you, on the front, side or back, snuggled in close to you or facing out to see the world ahead and all the sights that come with it. The supportive design distributed your child's weight as they grow, keeping the pressure off your back. The unique straps spread snugly across your shoulders, and the head support gives that vital support for newborns. An adjustable seat is built in, ensuring the comfort and intimacy last as your little one grows.

The ergonomic Izmi Baby Carrier is a clever, fully adjustable and simple design, keeping both parents and children supported and healthy. It is suitable for children weighing 3.2kg up to 15kg. A storage bag is included, as is a soft booster cushion, to lift your baby up inside the carrier so that they have a higher sitting position when they are smaller.

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