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Joie Trillo 2/3 earl grey

Joie Trillo 2/3 earl grey


  • £5000


The Joie Trillo Group 2/3 Car Seat is a great, basic high backed booster seat that's ideal for grandparents or people who aren't carting the little one around day in, day out. The deep sides of the seat cover the whole body from head to hips and the seat is extremely padded for safety and comfort. There are even two tuck away cupholders in the front of the seat.

The car seat comes with ISOSAFE connectors, these do not replace the need for using a seatbelt but do mean the seat is secured even when the child is not strapped in. 

Suitable from 15 to 36kg (Approximately 4 to 12 years)
Forward facing only
R44/04 Compliant
3 Point Belt Installation
7 height position headrest

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