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Police chase Charlie

Police chase Charlie


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Age Range: 1 ½ - 5 Years

Save the day with Police Chase Charlie, the speedy police car from WOW Toys.


Use the policeman figure’s hand to push the magic button and open Charlie’s roof, then place the figure neatly inside. There’s a space on the roof for the policeman’s trusty police dog. When the call come in, push Charlie along and watch as he speeds off with his motorised engine to the next crime scene in WOW Town.


Set includes car, figure and accessory.

 The piece  set including 1 police car 1 figure and 1 police dog

Friction powered farm truck with realistic engine sound

Push the magic button to flip open the police car roof place the policeman figure.

Removeable   policeman figure and police dog that sits perfectly on the police car roof  

No batteries required!

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