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Soft Cushion potty seat


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Dreambaby Potty Seat Soft Cushion is just the right size for children and will fit most standard toilets. The white padded toilet seat has been designed to be comfortable for your child when they are learning to potty train and helps make it easier for both you and your child. The Potty Seat Cushion is made from a durable, flexible foam and it also has a anti-slip surface meaning that it creates a secure positioning on to your existing toilet. The padded seat has been designed with a unique contoured shape with a high moulded back and sides, making your toddler feel safe, secure and comfortable whilst they are potty training.

The Potty Seat is very lightweight and portable making it easy for storage, this also means that you are able to take your potty seat to friends and families houses or even away on holiday. The Potty Seat is easy to clean and it can be removed when not in use.


  • Unique contoured shape - high moulded back and sides
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Easy Storage
  • Easy to clean

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